Peer block new release stable Jan 2014

by qbrownies

Well after over 2 years peer block is back on the block with a stable release of there beta. This new version has been long awaited by many fans of the original version that kept you safe from any snooping corporations trying to catch you with illegal software on your pc. Basically when torrenting or using other p2p large corporations with intellectual properties scan the trackers and torrent release sites looking for their software when they find it they begin identifying ips that are  seeding it. This is usually the part where your isp sends you a nasty letter saying you are about to get screwed if you don’t stop it. well this is where peer block comes in peeerblock blocks ips and ip ranges that belong to know anti piracy groups. When you’re seeding your torrent those ips cant evne connect to you. So if you want to protect yourself when torrenting use peeerblock

download the new peer block here PeerBlock-Setup_v1.2_r693.exe

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