new age of malware

by qbrownies

Amazing that our clever virus makers continue to throw out better smarter ways to hijack someones machine. I fixed a machine yesterday that wasn’t infested to badly, it had the malware some antivirus 2012 “the scareware version.” However, one of the things this clever little virus did was prevented me from opening mbam.exe For those of you who don’t know its malwarebytes executable.

1 million ways to skin a cat?

How did I beat it?

How would you beat it?

Well I just renamed the executable from mbam to something else and it worked!!!!!

I know this isn’t really a new problem. I’ve run into similar situations before, where no programs would run at all or only certain sites on the internet were blocked so the malware could protect itself. This is just the first time  a small change was able to beat  the problem, So i figured I’d share. Another col tool if you are infected and are attempting to fix it yourself is Kaspersky TDSSKiller this free tool removed a stubborn threat even Malwarebytes couldn’t remove. Kadpersky’s speciality  is rootkits and let me give it my 5 star approval right away.